Aloha, and welcome to the Hawai'i Keiki Museum

Discover, create, play, and learn about island science. The Hawai'i Keiki Museum connects children to Hawai'i Island through hands-on exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) that is all around us using open ended play experiences.

Come enjoy a truly unique experience, with over a dozen exciting hands-on exhibits its Science Fueled Fun for the Whole Family.

Open 10am - 5pm everyday: closed Thursdays

Kids playing with the spinning table

The Hawai‘i Keiki Museum inspires curiosity, creativity, and innovation by introducing children to science during their early years.

A STEAM Lab for West Hawai'i

Exhibits at the museum empower keiki of varied interests, allowing them to experiment with different topics. Some keiki feel the pull of the sea. They become interested in learning more about how to help protect our waters and our coastlines. Other keiki are natural-born farmers. They feel the power of Pele, and connect with the land, knowing it is a limited and life-giving resource. Some of our keiki are voyagers, and feel the pull of the stars. They want to explore, and to go to places that no one else has gone before.

In the rear of the museum, we would like to build a workshop laboratory where the museum can offer programming that prepares our keiki for opportunities here on island. These workshops not only connect keiki to the 'aina, they allow our keiki to develop hand-skills, and to explore topics of their own choosing.

Building LED circuits

About Us

Keiki is the Hawaiian word for children. Our tactile and interactive exhibits engage young children, including those from under-resourced communities, providing them with increased access to STEAM learning opportunities. We focus on project-based learning with open-ended interactions and cooperative play.

Our Mission is to inspire curiosity, creativity, and innovation by introducing children to science during their early years.

Our exhibits are thoughtfully designed to attract girls to science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) industries. Families who have children with disabilities are welcomed and included everywhere within the facility.

Picking up plastic trash at the beach

Our Leadership

Giving HI-5s for recycling

Our Projects

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